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AFAIK several implementations exist, but openess is often limited by competitive advantage (AV companies for example). Microsoft has published much of their honeymonkey project. See http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/projects/strider/honeymonkey/ for more details.


A honeypot is not a plugin which will defend you while surfing. For this you already have several plugins available, each one dedicated to face different kind of attacks (whether it is phishing, tracking, SSL / JavaScript / Flash related, etc.). A honeypot on the contrary is made to attract and allow attacks to better study them. The way I could imagine ...


If I understood well your question's title, and if you are looking for opensource stuff: I know, FireFox and Chromium are Open-Source and would be the base for such Honey-Browser. then you can use, for instance, Thug which is a browser emulator written in Python automatically interacts with the malicious website to check its exploits. There are also ...

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