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Notice the magic string () { :; };. They are trying to poke around and see if your server is vulnerable to the ShellShock exploit. Perl is used here to print and see if the attack succeeded. Make sure to patch and update your server. You should be safe from these kind of attacks.


Security is defined as the state of a system in which confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is granted. Privacy is the ability of a natural person to control the distribution of his or her personal information. If you are using for example a system of a big company - let's call it Oogle - it might be that their system is pretty secure, but ...


Regardless of the placement of the PHP code [...], the website just shows the image file when I open it after uploading Yes, that is how it should be. The server would be seriously vulnerable if it would interpret .jpg files as .php files depending on the content instead of the extension. So in such a case, what should be done to execute the file ...


I drove a project that looked at this while I was at Microsoft. The answer is that the vast majority of breakins do not use 0 day. We used malware as a proxy for breakins, because data was more accessible and puts the use of 0days in perspective. The data here doesn't break out sophisticated attackers, but the arguments you put forth as to why no one ...


When you select a module such as exploit or payload in msfconsole, type the info command and it is going to show you the description of the module detailing what the module does. You can get the same information on the rapid7's online module pages as well. An example (taken from Offensive Security's Metasploit Unleashed is given below: msf ...


The privacy of a system is all about making clear to the user how their information is going to be used and shared. That is, the amount of control an individual should be able to have and expect. The security of a system is ensuring that this expectation of privacy is met. That is, the mechanisms that can be put into place to provide this level of control.


Breaking in is all about research. You need to spend time surveying a network and it's various points of entry or access. Part of that will be reviewing the hardware firmware and software running. The first point of attack I might pick would be wifi. I would find out the model of access point they use and then download the firmware. Once I have the ...


Metasploit Unleashed ( is some documentation that has information on what tools exist in the metasploit framework, what their purpose is and how to use them. It is written by Offensive Security, who are part of/fund Kali Linux.

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