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I can certainly state that it is not only phone numbers. It is also your email conversations from past and i mean way back. More than 10 years ago and im still suprised that they would got his far. Everybody is traced and stored along with you mails, internet history etc so there is no need to hide cause you can't especially with the new phones and surf ...


I wouldn't put it past Facebook to "mess up". From the headers, it appears that Google's servers saw the request as coming from IP address, which is indeed part of the facebookmail.com domain. The Google server verified the DKIM signature on the email, relatively to the public key found in the DNS as a TXT record for ...


If you type '/showplaces' on any Skype conversation, Skype will show you the "endpoints" used by your account. Send this information to "Skype Police Dept" (polrequest@skype.net) and they help you out.


Down at the bottom-right corner of the Gmail inbox is a "last account activity" line with a "details" link. You can click on that link to get a list of IP addresses that the account has been accessed from.

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