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If you know the password to the file, you can view the encryption type using Adobe Reader. Go to File -> Properties -> Security and click the "Show Details" button. See 'Screen Capture 1' below. The security tab will also show you what version of Acrobat can open the file. See 'Screen Capture 2'. As stated above, MS Office uses 128 bit AES


From wikipedia, the latest versions of MS Office use 128 bit AES encryption. As for the PDFs, this Adobe link shows the Acrobat and PDF version, stating, Sets the type of encryption for opening a password-protected document. If you choose Acrobat 3.0 And Later (PDF 1.3) option, a low-encryption-level security (40-bit RC4) is used. If you choose Acrobat ...


http://lmgtfy.com/?q=+On+the+fly+encryption+for+unencrypted+cloud+services%3F ;-) If you use such a service, you lose all of their web based services. So they effectively become purely a storage layer. Not a terrible idea, but removes much of the value from platforms like Dropbox with their countless integrations and so on. There are many such services, ...


In my opinion, to password protected zip file is more safe than not to do that. This article explains how to make an encrypted (password protect) compressed file (referred to as 'an archive' file).Note: The compression program built-in to (included with) the Microsoft Windows operating system since the release of Windows XP cannot password protect a ...

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