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First of all, I would strongly recommend to block FTP and only allow FTPS/FTPES (FTP over implicit/explicit SSL/TLS). SFTP would be even better, more firewall friendly, inherent forward secrecy... but FileZilla Server does not support SFTP. This said, I would recommend using a server software that allows you to do two essential things: Prevent file ...


You can use Apache Tika and create your own program to extract metadata, it is pretty easy to do and here is a tutorial on how to do that. As the other answer says there is no surefire way to extract metadata from every type of file but Tika covers an alright amount.


The Unix/Linux file command will extract a lot of metadata inside files, and if you are using Windows, you can install cygwin to gain access to that command. Some example output: C:\Users\stewmark\ScreenShots>file *.png ChangePW.png: PNG image data, 1167 x 1046, 8-bit/color RGB, non-interlaced ChangePW_link.png: PNG image ...

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