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I think this is the practical 'choice' you are asking for: 1) Clean and wipe free space with Bleachbit http://bleachbit.sourceforge.net/ 2) Make a backup image with Acronis True Image 3) Boot and run Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) on target HHD drive (Not for SSD) 4) Restore with backup image. Done.. For me just step 1 is fine and I manually backup my ...


So if you are actually wanting to take an image of the harddrive and then delete it, I recommend using a forensic tool such as HELIX (an entire package) or FTK imager. Obviously, you need a harddrive of 500GB to place the image on. Helix is cool because it can be placed on a flash drive and you can boot into a linux distro right from the target computer. ...


I would recommend you to use something like dban which is a bootable linux distro specialized for exactly that purpose. It might take some time to securely erase your disk.

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