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PGP is the established way to provide confidentiality and integrity of files. I'm not sure what else you need here. You need to track they keys yourself, but you can easily come up with a system for that.


Assuming you've setup your SFTP server to use public key authentication only, you're pretty much safe with it. It is always possible to add another layer of security, for instance, a VPN between your endpoints but, in your specific case, you're just exchanging the risks in one software for the same risk with another one: if your VPN software has a ...


scp uses the SSH protocol which is already up to the task to transferring at the full bandwidth allowed by the local network, at least on 100baseT ethernet. For gigabit networks, you may have to fiddle a bit, but usually the CPU is not the bottleneck. Since you do not tell much details about your performance issues, I can only hazard hypotheses. What must ...

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