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Sorry to disappoint you folks. WebRTC is being abused by many companies and should be shut down for good. https://github.com/EFForg/privacybadgerchrome/issues/431 A case in mind is NY Times, which polls the user 12 times a minute and gets local user IPs through a company called WhiteOps.com. The privacy implications of that are left as an exercise to the ...


WebRTC is a P2P technology and performs encryption end-to-end by default. No metadata on Mozilla's servers. Per session encryption, so Mozilla cannot decrypt. There may be some vulnerabilities with the technology (i.e. there are), but the design is supposed to address your questions on an architectural level.


Is this a problem with my browser? Firefox 39 and the Firefox 31 and 38 ESR releases upgrade the TLS implementation NSS to version 3.19.1. To harden the browser against Logjam attack the minimum key length for DH parameter within the TLS handshake is now 1023 bits. But the server at acs.onlinesbi.com only uses a DH key of 768 bit. This key length is ...

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