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"Legal" means that it depends on the jurisdiction, so you will get at least one answer per country, and in some cases (e.g. federal states like the USA) many distinct answers for a single country. Usually, in a business context, employees have a right, and an expectation, of privacy, meaning that spying upon their activities is not legal; employers cannot ...


A port scanner, like nmap, connects to a port and analyzes the traffic being returned. A firewall's most basic function is to block access to a port. This means that there is no way to scan a port that is being blocked by a firewall. With some exceptions... Some firewalls will allow traffic to a port unless it determines that the traffic is malicious (like ...


I would recommend u block alle UDP-Ports 1-65535, also all TCP-Ports except one which brings you further to your squid-proxy running with filters and ACLs to undertake more filtering options. uTorrent wont have a chance to connect!

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