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Docker was just added his own iptables rules before UFW rules see https://docs.docker.com/articles/networking/ for details. to avoid the pb I put DOCKER_OPTS="--ip" in my /etc/default/docker. so I bind only to localhost and it's not reachable from the outside.


This is a very broad question, depending on your setup. If you use SSL from your PC to your mailserver (wich is not administrated by the same guys) and your connection is secure, they can't see anything about your mail, except for the size. If you use unencrypted communication with your mailserver or the mailserver is administrated by the same guys it ...


I don't think it would make much of a difference. NAT has nothing to do with security and the firewall should be your primary defense. Having a device provide both firewall and NAT services isn't a security risk by itself. The only potential security risk would be the software and configuration of the device. Since there are so many vendors/products on the ...

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