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You should NOT. First, you don't know if the file is trustable, you got it from some "source". It is never advisable to install APKs from untrustworthy sources, especially on your primary device. Second, it contains a known vulnerability. Third, it is an offline game, and it requires full internet connection(it may be because of ads, but you never know ...


The idea of a super cookie is that you cannot easily delete it. It consists of replicas of the information on multiple places and if you delete some of these the information will be restored from the remaining places. Some possible places are: Simple cookies. These can usually be easily deleted. But one can make it harder if multiple sites cooperate so ...


Short answers : 1.) no not a requirement 2.) yes via authenticated client browsers being manipulated. SilverlightFox is correct in that the crossdomain.xml is not a web application requirement. Per Adobe's website the crossdomain.xml is a policy in the form of an XML file which "grants a web client, such as Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Acrobat (though not ...


No, crossdomain.xml relaxes Flash's default cross-domain policy. Lack of a file will enforce default restrictions.

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