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If you can trick them into clicking something in an email, you can send them a link to any page that you have access to the webserver logs for and find the request in the log (along with their IP). There are also a number of third party services to do this for you that are pretty easy to use (eg http://whatstheirip.com). Now, that said, some of the ...


Yes, this address can be shared by multiple users. For example: Mobile phone providers often route their 3G/4G traffic for their subscribers via the same public IP. Some ISPs have shared public IP addresses - historically notably AOL. Corporations often have single or multiple gateways, meaning their employee traffic will be shared via the same external ...


Short answer Yes, they can. Long answer If you require PIN to do any transaction, they will have your cards' information, but they can't really do anything about it. Of course this is already bad, and it doesn't improve situation in any level. If it was a credit card that requires you to put zip code only (for example, US credit cards), then they can ...


If you get user IP with proper method that grab the user network global IP, it will be always unique. But users can send multiple proxy request at a time. To prevent that use captcha along with your IP validation. Than it should work perfect!

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