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For Ingress, Google's global wargame, a range of anti-spoofing measures are used. Google are keeping quiet about the full range, but two that have been demonstrated are: Speed limitation: 40mph maximum allowed in game Corroborating measures: cross referencing wifi SSID's received with their location database


The short answer is that (as far as I'm aware) it isn't possible to perfectly stop location emulation on open platforms (e.g. Android). Other more restrictive platforms (e.g. non-jailbroken iOS/Windows Phone) don't tend to suffer as much from these problems as they don't allow users the same level of freedom in terms of the types of applications they can ...


From my knowledge the way you spoof the locations is to : 1) Use developer mode with mock locations. There are ways of detecting that you are using developer mode so the developer can decide that the GPS is not to be trusted in this case. So they will use other ways of finding your location like wifi networks. 2) You can fake your position when your phone ...

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