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Well i can answer this question a number of ways for you. Any admin or boss will be able to see your conversations etc using deep packet inspection technology entering or exiting the corporate network, this all depends on how big your company is and to what extent the company wants to go too. You should ask yourself if you are okay with Google admins seeing ...


Google provides two experimental APIs for the Safe Browsing service (1) Safe Browsing API v3 https://developers.google.com/safe-browsing/developers_guide_v3 (2) Safe Browsing Lookup API https://developers.google.com/safe-browsing/lookup_guide Both these above mentioned tools can be downloaded and used anytime . ...


@begueradj It's hard to say what technology Google is using for its safe browsing software but it would be a proprietary software made by engineers at Google. I suspect Google is scanning all the pages it indexes looking for malware code also Google owns VirusTotal which was hosted on the Google cloud from around 2007 (at that time it wasn't owned by Google) ...


For encrypting in Google Drive use plugins. For example Prot-On, free Tool for Google Drive. You can encrypt and decide who and when access. http://www.prot-on.com

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