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There is a magazine about that type of security(especially against NSA and others). The Tech Active Series - The Hacker's Manual 2015. In the first chapter, it talks about Privacy; how to protect your privacy, how prevent agencies or black hats to track your data, open source alternatives for daily-use services, how to secure you smart-phone and encrypting ...


Any issue with a federal government web application, I would contact the office of my congress-person. They are becoming increasingly aware of and concerned with security and privace of government computer systems. You can say what you want about our deadlocked, ineffective congress, but they are still pretty good at making things happen at the various ...


Most countries have a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) that you could contact, ie: US-CERT, CERT Australia, etc. They usually have the correct connections to get the matter addressed. Google CERT plus your country name to get started.


There isn't a document like that because it is highly dependent on its application, its configuration, and its use. Linux has more configuration options which can make it faster and safer (whatever that might mean in your context), but those options also mean that it can be slower and more dangerous. If there was an "official document", then every ...

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