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The phone you are talking about is not the stock Samsung S4. As you can read in the article the cameras are removed, there is a special app store only and there are special apps on it. It also states that this phone was explicitly chosen because of the KNOX technology which includes secure boot and separation of work and private activities. The reason this ...


As I understand it, around 1992, Pres. Bush issued an Executive Order requiring the US Gov to standardize on the Win OS platform, Microsoft Word processor and the Adobe PDF. Not sure if that is still in effect, but probably is. It was much needed at the time but is probably bad now.


When based on a standard, especially those as stringent as FIPS 140-2, you have to go through the following processes (which are time consuming and expensive): Design Testing Certification If you take a look at the NIST Implementation Guide for FIPS PUB 140-2, along with the other documents, you can search for the Level 4 implementation which detail that ...

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