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You should look into OWASP's App Sensor project; it is doing exactly the type of things you are talking about. Its more a proof of concept / example implementation, but the idea works and has a lot of merit. The project is focused on defining detection points and potential actions; they feel that each site should setup the rules between the two. We all ...


My two cents: The write-up focuses too much on physical security and not enough on hacking. I would worry more about exploits in the browser and email application, mitigating those by using a more secure browser (cough), sandboxes, and virtual machines.


if they're going to the trouble of tampering with hardware, they could just as easily install a hardware keylogger under your keyboard. Lock the laptop in a case when it's out of your sight. I always do this in hotels, because it helps prevent theft too. I also suggest investing in a decent Kensington lock, which can be attached around pipes and various ...

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