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It sounds like you're trying to cause/prevent a resettable denial of service condition. If you are ruling out network access to attack the software running on the system, you might consider interfering with the data going through the various devices on the mother board. I'm not an RF engineer or an EE (Electrical Engineer), but it seems though it might be ...


I know a few like: Pwn Pro Secpoint Penetrator But I don't know the exact generic name of those devices and I don't think there is one.


What are you describing is an EMP emitter. If the EMP emitter is not strong enough it will not destroy the device, it will only cause an interruption. The EMP pulse power depends on the number of wire wraps, wire thickness and voltage so the EMP power can range. Best way to protect against it is by creating a Faraday cage, this will not provide a full ...

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