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I get these questions from clients on a regular basis. The fundamental problem is that any email tracking technology requires cooperation from the client. The other answer dissected the image tracking so I won't repeat it here, other than to point out that the client must load the image from their server (said server is now on my block list). Web-based ...


The email includes references to an externally-hosted images, like http://example.com/[tracking_id].png, where the tracking company controls the server hosting the image. The company records how and when each unique image URL is loaded by a mail client. As you've noted, print operations can be logged by a tracking image in the @media print CSS directive. ...


I came up with the code below but it doesn't work That's because you are performing a CSRF attack, but in exercise 2.1 there is actually an anti-CSRF token preventing this. You have to exploit the XSS vulnerability here. I came up with a plan to use a cookie and set the token to 'abc'. So, when I come to login, i use the username and password that I ...


It is true that most major browsers now ignore the autocomplete value if set in the web application. However, IE11 only ignores this setting on password fields, it should still honour the autocomplete setting on CC fields. As Xander suggested, it could be worth checking the input type for your CC payment field.

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