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You can use a HTML parser like BeautifulSoup to programmatically remove HTML tags or replace them with tags such as <div class=redacted>~~~~~~~~~~</div> and add a redacted class to your stylesheet with black text and black background, or just put display:none. Note: replace the redacted information with junk data - this is key! Edit: using ...


It may be possible for your server to serve a version of the HTML with the redacted content removed. It sounds like you have some server-side functionality available to accomplish Email and PDF functions. Serving alternate HTML (where redacted content is fully removed from the HTML) may not be a significant addition to your application compared to what you ...


The ONLY way to redact digital content is to remove it. You can hide it all kinds of ways, and none of them will ever be effective.


I believe you're mixing up a few different threats and attack vectors here. Threat: MITM sniffing or setting tokens Location: Public wifi How to mitigate: Use HTTPS so the connection is secured over TLS/SSL. Also the cookie Secure Flag is recommended, and an HSTS policy with preload. Threat: XSS Location: Over the internet What it is: An attacker ...

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