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Hopefully this helps. Identity Management Systems Identity Management System are often defined by trusted sources. These are the systems we rely on for a source of record for an individual. They are not really a single piece buy a combination of systems design to manage people. Identity Data Trusted Source This is data of people, typically found in your ...


If you have their first name and city, you could always use a site like Spokeo (or others) and go through a listing of names doing additional searches on those. On a stronger note: I highly doubt you have the real name/city. Chances are they were routed anonymously and used a random persons computer to attack from.


This is something that has always concerned me. As you point out, nearly all of the common security questions are actually public knowledge, albeit often with a few hoops to jump through, presenting not much by way of a challenge to a sophisticated attacker researching a high-value victim. It's further complicated by people making the assumption that the ...

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