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There are a number of ways you could approach this, but the most direct would probably be to set up an intrusion detection system, such as Snort. It monitors all traffic to the server and can warn you of suspicious activity. https://www.snort.org/


If you mean by "hardware solution" that there is some specific chip that implements IDS algorithms (like an encryption chip for ciphering data), I am not aware that this is technically feasible. There is no standard algorithm for performing the intrusion detection, the goals of this task are manifold and so are the solution approaches. If you want to ...


Yes, there are some appliances that incorporate wireless router + IDS or IPS. For example, check out this Watchguard access point.


Large enterprises typically use NIDS - network intrusion detenction devices ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_intrusion_detection_system ). These are usually on a span port on the switch so they don't impact latency. Alternatively you might go for NIPS - network intrusion prevention which must be inline on the network and therefore is likely to alter ...

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