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Yes, it is ok to have CBC ciphersuites in the list as long as SSLv3.0 is disabled. The issue is not the CBC mode itself, but the SSLv3.0 specification for the padding format. The padding format in TLSv1.0 is more restrictive, so the malleability required to mount the POODLE attack no longer exists.


One option is to password protect the folder. This is using IIS 7 as an example: Open IIS Manager (start >> run >> inetmgr.msc) Go to the website where you want to password protect the folder. Click on the folder that you want to set to require a password. Double Click on Authentication, Disable Anonymous Authentication. Enable Basic Authentication.


HTTP status status message 403 means the client doesn't have the access rights, that's why you are getting this response. HTTP PUT methods requires authorization to give access to the server content. Since PUT is dangerous method, if proper security mechanism is not used to restrict the users. So if you want to put some content on the server so you must use ...


There are times when an attacker might have access to retrieve data from your database (e.g. SQL Injection) but not have enough access to extract the encryption key from your web.config. In these situations this practice would add another layer of defense against user credential cracking. It definitely isn't foolproof since a compromise at the server OS ...

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