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I agree with the others that this question is super broad, however I can offer the following: Some AV engines short-cut their scans and will only scan those that it sees as "executable" (or have just been renamed to be executable) for that platform. In this instance unless it's a known executable file extension it will probably be missed. APKs are just ZIP ...


For an operating system-specific answer... On Linux: everything. Yes, even files ending in ".txt". Any file in Linux can have the executable bit set, and hence any file in Linux can act similarly to a .exe in Windows. Moreover, Linux (or at least some flavours) doesn't check file extensions when deciding what program to use for opening a file; instead, it ...


A few years ago people thought that jpegs were fine. Then there was an exploit for a jpeg library. You should be scanning everything. What might be safe today, won't necessarily be safe tomorrow. (In addition, keep your system up to date - this is much more important.)


Everything. You don't keep a dog and bark yourself; why install an AV software and second-guess what it should be doing? Sure, you can do a risk analysis against every individual file, but that sounds dull. Modern AV is fast, just scan everything. Let it worry about downloads.

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