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Look like your site get hacked. @munkeyoto showed you a clear way how to fixed it. Just want to emphasize that please DO UPDATE your Joomla/Wordpress sites/plugins regularly, especially for security updates! This should be in the comment, but I do not have enough reputation to do that


This has been discussed here before, and there is a detailed explanation on what it does, and how to clean it. For your particular instance, the following site details step by step what it does.


I think your example describes exactly why it isn't that simple. There are many forms of XSS, and quite a few of them don't rely on attackers injecting entire tags at all. What Rook was getting at in his comment is that you should generally rely on a good existing XSS filter to deal with the threat rather than trying to piece one together your own, as ...


Kaminsky attack is a technique with which you can flood the DNS recursive server (like your gateway) with DNS replies that ultimately match the response that the recursive server is originally looking for. This is also called DNS cache poisoning. An alternate technique would be to ARP-spoof your IP as the gateway and let everyone make the DNS query to a DNS ...

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