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Security is so fun! The correct answer is #1 because it is the only scenario that doesn't have an immediate impact on the security of assets on your organization. #1 doesn't do anything! 2) can compromise the physical security of your building or office, w/e 3) is the direct disclosure of sensitive data, the very definition of an internal security breach ...


You might want to consider using hybrid locational services to validate your GPS inputs. This Wikipedia page on Wi-Fi location services should be a good start - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi_positioning_system


No, at least not without being a device administrator and locking down a bunch of stuff on the phone. Android very intentionally supports fake GPS information for debugging purposes and as far as I know, you would need to be able to disable that, which would be difficult if not impossible to do without being a device administrator and even then wouldn't ...

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