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It appears that secure DNSSec recursive queries are not possible to enforce. According to the notes in this IETF draft: DNSSEC is not an enforcement mechanism, it's a resource. When I see folks voice opinions that DNSSEC's recommended operation has to strictly followed, my gut reaction is that these folks have forgotten the purpose of all of our ...


This removal guide from Norton has a lot of good information on registry keys and files most commonly targeted. For sure anything in the start-up folder. https://us.norton.com/support/premium_services/malware_removal_guide.pdf See page 18-19, for instance.


Typically default installations of host based IDS products like Tripwire, will come with a database/list of files protected. This will usually focus on things like configuration files and system binaries which change infrequently and not on things like application log files which do change frequently. If you need precise data for that product I'd recommend ...


A reasonable approach here might be to see what existing HIDS products do in this regard. If we take OSSEC as an example, per the book on their site has a long list of both files and registry keys that are monitored for changes (P84 in the linked PDF) In general windows system files are mostly in c:\windows, so a lot of files to be monitored will be in ...

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