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Make sure that you have closed any 'Private Browsing' tabs as well, as this could be getting loaded in from there.


At the moment it looks like it's a form of malicious advertising for all kinds of things. Yes, more than likely these are on the sites themselves and not on your iPad. Close all browser tabs and try browsing sites without popup advertising. E.g. google.com and bbc.co.uk (no adverts when accessed from UK however I believe they carry non-intrusive ads for ...


Try going into Settings > Safari, and look for "clear safari" or "reset safari" or something like that. It should clear all cookies, stopping the popup.


Native apps (unlike websites in a browser) is able to directly access many unique IDs that identify your device/SIM. There's no way to change these unless you root/jailbreak and even so, apps may come up with ingenious ways of fingerprinting still. If you don't have to use the apps frequently, you can try the device emulators provided by Apple/Google.


Android does have app sandboxing, which is in some aspects stronger, and in other aspects weaker, than iOS. But if your question refers to end-user's choice to keep their personal data private, then the choice of applications is much more important than the decision whether to use an Android or iOS - powered device. Also, both systems keep user data in the ...


like all security features, the Application Sandbox is not unbreakable. However, to break out of the Application Sandbox in a properly configured device, one must compromise the security of the the Linux kernel. Android much less secure? Not so sure about that(subjective). 1- Security implications? Misc: Open-source. Android IPC (Intents, ...


Before giving any solution, it is important to remember that, if an app is being installed on a user's device, then given time and dedication, a malicious user can replicate/reverse engineer the app. That said, there are certain techniques which can be used to make the job of reverse engineering the app difficult and eventually replicating the app difficult. ...


Cryptographic operations are complex and can introduce performance problems and also on mobile devices, battery life is another resource need to be critically managed. Encryption of data is deeply built into iOS. iOS security documentation (page 9) goes in some detail on explaining how the encryption mechanism works. Is it all Symmetric Encryption? ...


You can use App Transport security. It is IOS 9 feature and provides unique bundle id mechanism for apps

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