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Try this: ssh cody@localhost This works for me, so it should work for you with an ssh-server installed, unless you have blocked the port. But for what purpose - on the same device? I doubt if it would make things more secure.


I know I can't claim my own bounty, which is good, this answer is to show what (incomplete) data I have found so far to spark up some discussion. Legal Process Guidelines: U.S. Law Enforcement by Apple Page 9 I. Extracting Data from Passcode Locked iOS Devices For all devices running iOS 8.0 and later versions, Apple will not perform iOS data ...


The purpose of Effaceable Storage is really to be able to quickly erase everything on the device, not to provide any confidentiality for your data. It works like this: Effaceable Storage stores a key (which is itself is encrypted with device-specific key) that is used to encrypt device's filesystem. When device needs to wipe itself (e.g. due to remote wipe ...

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