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Short Answer Assuming a TCP connection, it is nearly impossible to spoof a source IP address without control of the network. Longer Answer Assuming you are not using any proxies (which can cause issues if you're getting their IP address from a X-FORWARDED-FOR header), and running a service on TCP, it's extremely difficult to spoof a source IP address ...


Spoofing on a local level is easy. When it comes to Public IP it can be much harder. I found this http://superuser.com/questions/619477/how-do-i-spoof-the-ip-that-my-computer-sends-a-server-without-using-something-li Also found this too How easy is it really to do IP spoofing? Hope this helps.


It relies on how far you go in spoofing. When you only spoof the ip address but not the mac address the original host will get the answer. If you did not only spoof the ip address but also the mac address it can happen that you also receive the answer. This is because the switch(es) on your LAN do map mac addresses to physical ports. This means you can "by ...


The IP still resolves to the MAC stored in your targets ARP table and that is the address if the local network. So yes, you don't see the replies until you poison the ARP cache of your target.

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