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From What I understand, this web server will be placed outside the intranet. Have your IT department considered placing this web server in a dedicated VLAN? the above code will only allow access from one particular IP address(the Public IP of your network)and make sure that the Domain Name matches with the IP address. Typically you are turning your web ...


When you spoof ones IP the answer will not reach you at least not for a long time. As a side effect you can cause what is called Port Stealing. This is happening when one IP is seen on two different ports of a switch. The IP is then assigned to the port the IP was last seen on which might be the port you spoofed the address from. But when the original host ...


You could send a request to a large list of websites. If you spoofed your IP address as the target IP address, then all of the websites' responses would go to the target IP address, potentially creating a DDoS. It would be distributed, because lots of servers are all sending the response.

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