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To get randomness, you must obtain sufficient initial entropy from some "really random" events, that come from physical systems. Once you have sufficient initial entropy, you can extend it indefinitely with a cryptographically secure PRNG. The PRNG being a deterministic process, its output is not impacted by whatever other process may run at the same time on ...


Cryptographically secure random number generators are deterministic mathematical processes for given arguments, and do not care about the factors that having running programs affects - i.e. the kernel state and the data stored in RAM. There is no reason that other programs would affect the operation of these generators.


Snapchat keeps a log of all messages sent and their corresponding IPs, so they can easily tell who sent which message and from where. If someone compromised the Snapchat account and sent some content from another machine, the IP address would be the one of the machine/phone from where the content was sent, or possibly the address of a proxy/compromised ...


Here is how this really works. Where ever you are your IP address on a Smart phone may, or may not change. This purely depends on the carrier and or provider of said access. Some will give you a static Ip, others will give you a Dynamic IP. Static does not change, Dynamic does. (If I am remembering right I am very tired.) So, lets say you retrieved ...

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