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Native apps (unlike websites in a browser) is able to directly access many unique IDs that identify your device/SIM. There's no way to change these unless you root/jailbreak and even so, apps may come up with ingenious ways of fingerprinting still. If you don't have to use the apps frequently, you can try the device emulators provided by Apple/Google.


Yes, they can. One major flaw in the privacy of mobile networks is a protocol called SS7: this is the mobile carriers' network. It was designed as a trusted network: once your part of it, you're assumed to be a benevolent carrier. When you're part of the network you can ask for the base station ID where a mobile phone number is currently booked in (and much ...


Since nobody has bothered to write an actual answer: the phone company can certainly locate you. The precision isn't great, because it's based on how strongly your phone's signal is picked up by nearby cell towers (which will vary depending on things like objects in the way and is going to be a bit fuzzy anyhow because the signal strength measurement isn't ...


Your iPhone won't directly see what you did on your mac while you're charging it. But there's a catch: your browsing history might be synced via the cloud. If: You were browsing using Safari You were not browsing in "incognito" You have iCloud sync activated You're logged on your iPhone with the same Apple user as the one used on your mac I'm pointing ...

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