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Check out the iOS Hacker's Handbook, chapter 4, especially the (under "Downloads") downloadable material from chapter 4. It contains a meterpreter that runs on iOS 4 that could possibly be ported to newer versions -- I verified that it does work on iOS 5. The targeted iPhone in chapter 4 is not jailbroken or otherwise modified.


You may not have the proper decoder in Burpsuite to perform testing. What "application-type" are you seeing with the requests? E.g., JSON, AJAX, etc., Burpsuite has separate decoders for JSON, and this does not mean your bank's API is using JSON. In order to properly analyze what is going on, you need the right tool for the job. What you can try to do, for ...


The term is "phone number spoofing". It is quite easy to make calls from a phone number other than your own, this is usually done with VoIP software, although I don´t use skype either and I don´t know if skype has this capability. In other words I doubt your phone or the company is the problem.


You can use Apache's mod_ssl to authenticate against client certificates. The example is from cacert.org, but you can create your own CA to accomplish the same goal.

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