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ISAKMP isn't a protocol as much as a framework for key exchanges (I know it has protocol in the name). Implementations of the framework include the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) and Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (KINK). If you read the ISAKMP RFC (RFC2408) it has a nice diagram for where ISAKMP sits in the network stack. RFC2408 Section 2.2 ...


According to this and Wikipedia, the OSI Session Layer is responsible for setting up any kind of conversation/dialogue. As ISAKMP runs on top of UDP (port 500) and it sets up a secure and authenticated channel for communication, i would say that it is part of OSI Session Layer.


Let's define a few things clearly... When you use an asymmetric algorithm like DH, it has a "strength" that relates to the difficulty of breaking through it with the best known attacks. The best known attacks on DH try to solve discrete logarithm with an index calculus variant that has a lot of common elements with the General Number Field Sieve, an integer ...

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