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... letting attacker to bypass IPsec authentication and Application Layer would have to make decision whether traffic was spoofed or not. UDP is a transport layer protocol, while IPSec is a network layer protocol. Contrary to higher layer security protocols like TLS the server application will not be able to tell if the data were sent through IPSec or ...


In addition to points mentioned above, an important factor to consider here is about where the server is placed. If you have router or firewall ahead of the server, we can have the IPSEC (VPN) terminated on the device which would then decrypt the traffic and forward the UDP/TCP traffic to the server. Ideally it depends on what services are hosted and what ...


The traffic in clear text and traffic over IPSEC are two different concepts. As per my understanding, either the application on the server should be capable of receiving traffic on single port and differentiate between clear text and encrypted text ;or there should be a different port to receive IPSEC traffic and then process it. Hope it helps.


A VPN is a solution to this problem, as is Tor (assuming correct configuration). With both of these methods, it is obvious you are using them, however all of your traffic is encrypted between you and some remote endpoint (VPN server, Tor node, etc.) such that nobody on your local network can see your final destination or data.

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