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From what I can tell, the generated folder called META-INF contains signatures and hashes for every class initially inside the JAR file. The reason that adding a class doesn't change the signature is because there is no overall signature for the JAR itself An example of this is Minecraft modding. Before the forge API, it required deleting the signature ...


@AEonAX : you can use the double handshake token method to use authorize and take care of security. Encryption of token can also be done. Sheldon


Sizes are different because the formats are different. The strings you show are both binary values encoded in Base64. In all this message I talk about the binary values, i.e. I suppose that you first decoded the Base64 strings into binary. Mathematically, an ECDSA public key is a point on an elliptic curve. A point has two coordinates, called X and Y, which ...


I'm assuming that you really can't dynamically change the text box - but I would strongly suggest that you re-examine that fact as it does seem to be the easiest and safest way to get what you want. You can't encode the output. There is just no way to encode < as something else without it being more character. That means that you would need to apply ...

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