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There are numerous options. VMs designed to be hacked (DVWA, metasploitable, etc.), hacking websites where attacks are permitted, or creating your own service. But don't overlook the obvious: your own router. The login web page is simple, and you know the password. Give it a shot.


You first want to set up a host OS (Windows or Kali, whichever you prefer to use when you're not hacking.) Inside that host OS, install a virtual machine platform (VMware, VirtualBox, whatever you choose.) Inside the virtual machine control panel, create a first VM and install Kali, (presuming you want to use Kali for your pentest environment.) I would ...


Running a kali VM provides some benefits: Restoration - It is easy to restore your machine when you mess it up. If you're playing around with security tools and/or malware, changes are good that, at some point, you will damage your operating system. Without a VM, you would have to reinstall everything from scratch; with a VM, you can save an image and ...

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