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Is the exploit a metasploit ready, I mean, is it made in ruby for metasploit ? You don't need to restart the service, you just need to do either 1. Close and reopen msfconsole 2. reload_all command from inside msfconsole and it'll do the job. The exploit must be in the ~user/.msf4/modules/exploits directory in a certain dir structure like ...


As gcc complies to the ELF format. PE is Windows Executable files.


Usually you can make your settings in VMware or Virtual maschine don't know which one you use but you should configure your net settings so those VM's are able to find each other. You should set up a DHCP on the VM Emulator so you don't have to worry about net settings. You can do it manually as well: checkout if the net is up anyway? sudo ifconfig eth0 ...


I don't understand your question well but if you want to hide a backdoor on notepad and u don't wana use meterpreter or reverse shell then use a packer app which can hide your backdoor on a notepad and when the user runs the notepad the packer upacks it self and runs the backdoor.

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