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I enjoy black arch even thought there is alot of work involved because i have installed arch linux first and have a working everything computer that provides me all that i need to help with all the reporting and what inot i need for pentest.... black arch is just a repo for me so i like that.


This does not appear to be a SET issue, although its pulling input, I can't reproduce this in any fashion in the latest version. Only guess I have is that this is a super old version of SET.. set:webattack>1 [-] NAT/Port Forwarding can be used in the cases where your SET machine is not externally exposed and may be a different IP address than your ...


Since it's actually saying "ERROR" from the resource script, my guess is that something borked in SET actually. Edit the /root/.set/meta_config file and change the line that says use ERROR to use exploit/multi/handler. Then in your msf> prompt type resource /root/.set/meta_config to reload the resource file. Thats a temporary fix, you should file a "New ...


Put your Wifi card in monitor mode by doing something similar to airmon-ng start wlan0. Then run Wireshark on that interface. You should be able to see some packets other than those meant for your desktop. However when you put it in monitor mode it constantly keeps hopping over the various channels. It'll only capture packets on the channel it is currently ...


Short answer is that you can use your own payload, but that payload has to play nicely with the host exe. There are numerous tutorials that I encourage you to look at.


Is the exploit a metasploit ready, I mean, is it made in ruby for metasploit ? You don't need to restart the service, you just need to do either 1. Close and reopen msfconsole 2. reload_all command from inside msfconsole and it'll do the job. The exploit must be in the ~user/.msf4/modules/exploits directory in a certain dir structure like ...

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