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You are probably looking for, a successor website for (actually they imported the old xssed database), and which was renamed to Open Bug Bounty a few months ago. They list XSS and open redirects.


Why you're safe against Poodle The Poodle Attack is against a very specific type of cipher that in combination with SSLv3.0 would lead to an attack vector. Avoiding those vulnerable types of ciphers prevents you from being attacked with that vector. That vector is no longer an angle of attack, so you can safely use SSLv3.0 without worry(hopefully). However ...


Typically, what I do is run a Vulnerability scan on the machine. That covers more than just the unpatchable exploits and can get into things like lack of support for newer protocols or newer crypto standards. A scan will show the list of exploits specific to that machine as well as the other weaknesses that it might be subject to. In addition, a scanner ...


CVE Details states there were 414 vulnerabilities reported with 98 patches. Be advised a service pack may have fixed many vulnerabilities so the numbers are not indicative of Windows 2003 still containing 316 vulnerabilities (414-98). This also could never include zero days, nor third party vulnerabilities (e.g., Adobe, JAVA, etc)

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