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I think the vulnerabilities are the same for all Internet-accessible servers, the only increase in risk is that the code exposes some specific information about how to interface with it, and because it is "in code" the programmer might not think to protect it as well as they otherwise might for a server that is explicitly advertised.


An algorithm can be secure only if used properly within a protocol that matches what the algorithm was meant to do. So none of the algorithms you list can be deemed "secure" in an absolute, unconditional way. On the other hand, some algorithms are necessarily insecure and should never be used (for a security purpose). In your list, these are: DES block ...


I can tell you which ones are currently not secure: Anything ending in "Ecb" is insecure. ECB mode does not hide large-scale patterns in the data. Anything beginning with "Des" is insecure. The key size for DES is simply too small to resist attacks using modern hardware. Anything beginning with "Rc2" may be insecure, depending on how you use it. It's ...

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