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There are various types of emails that come to your inbox/spam-emails folder. The one attached here with is an example of Phishing Email under the broad category spam. Spam emails are generally, but not always, marketing emails (ex. cheap viagra) sent to you without consent. It is email that you don’t want and didn’t ask for, and its content can cause ...


This data is fake data usually. They are using UK to make it look more legitimate depending on the target address most of the times. You can spoof anything in the email except for the sending IP address and DKIM/SPF records which the companies you have in your list are not using.


Wouldn't it be easy for Google to stop piracy as the Google Play Store knows which apps are installed and it would raise a red flag if an app that cost money is installed but there was no history of it being downloaded through the app store? It's not as straightforward as that. There is no reliable, automated way to tell that a side loaded application is ...


Even if off-topic: It really depends on what country are you in. Even if it illegal or not you should protect your personal data and the metadata that can be leaked over such forums in order to not be related by several services with illegal action types. Please: Tor + Use only fake info + Use public IP's (bars/cafes) + adapt to the situation.


Because Linux is open source. The app makers rely on the quality of their apps and convenience of the users (click & pay instead of a little more complex download and install procedure.) to make their $, which is both morally correct and good for everyone. Such a system will cause apps to increase in quality, unlike over-protected games, where companies ...

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