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I'm a Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) developer, we definitely develop software for that use-case, so I can speak to the software side of your question. Complying with European law is more about how you write your corporate policies (and how you enforce them). In a use-case like that, we would recommend that users have 3 keypairs (pairs of public / private ...


LinkedIn settled for $1.5M for weak password protections http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/02/23/linkedin-settles-class-action-suit-over-weak-password-security/?_r=0


Yes, and a high profile one was Sony's PSN breach which Sony settled for $15million, one report here. Though the headline figure does not appear as bad when you realise that it is not an actual pay out, it is mainly free games and memberships for those affected. From a purely UK specific perspective related to the Data Protection Act (DPA) compensation: ...


Currently, the measure is just an idea. It is not even an idea by a politician. It is an idea by the UK police. The exact wording for such a law is not made yet, so we can just guess how it could look. However, this article by The Guardian gives the impression that the idea is to have the internet service providers do the snooping: Senior officers want ...

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