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Zorp Firewall (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zorp_firewall) can do this. It supports not only web/http but a couple other protocols too. Also it is very lightweight, easily deployable on an OpenWRT device. You will have to get trusted your proxy CA by clients though, but in an authorized scenario it should not be a problem.


Did you take a look at this answer? There are a few tools listed. However the key point for you is to have a certificate that your client will accept. To answer your question, in its simplest form you need: A valid SSL certificate (signed by the CAs that are trusted by the client) Control of DNS resolution (but if you control the environment you'd have ...


You just need to add the tool certificate in the trust store of the client, so that the client trust your "tool as a server". Then in order not to have any errors, every time the client tries to open a TLS connection, you have to clone the actual cert with your custom CA: Client tries to initiate connection with the server, it goes through your proxy The ...


the only way to really do this is to have a log record that actually "leaves" your system. and the more copies there are the better. A simple example setup could be: - Main Server with login. - secondary 'Logging' server that receives all Syslog events from the main server (and possibly others) - A separate Mail server. - An external mail server (like ...

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