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You will not see the payload in the logs If the attacks were sent via a POST, as opposed to a GET.


As far as I know there is no way to avoid being logged by the web server exploiting a SQLi vulnerability since you have to reach the DB and check webserver output in order to validate SQLi result, specially in a blind SQL injection. Also if you registered 18000 requests from the attacker he should be using an automated tool which use to check web page ...


Also the log analysis should take into account the organisation's change management routine - or more specifically the software/hardware update process - at least in the sense of whether file integrity has changed.


In addition to Polynomial's answer it's worth noting that the network interfaces will still be up and active and any access through that route (shares, remote management services etc.) may permit access to stored data regardless of screen locking. Either remote network sessions, or someone plugging in a device to your network ports could provide a surprising ...


No, it's not secure. You're vulnerable to: Cold boot attacks (freeze memory and extract the contents, get BitLocker encryption keys and all your other sensitive data) DMA attacks via FireWire, CardBus, ExpressCard, Thunderbolt, etc. Installation of a physical keylogger (many laptop keyboards can be easily removed) or backdoor hardware. In general, if an ...


This is normal. It's how EFS works. Although it is common to refer to file folders with the encryption attribute set as “encrypted,” the folder itself is not encrypted. When encryption is set for a folder, EFS automatically encrypts all new files created in the folder and all files copied or moved into the folder by using My Computer. (Source: ...

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