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Since the exploit is triggered only when you pull from untrusted repositories, and Apple has not released patches for previous XCode versions, you have two options: Jump to the beta branch. Do not pull from untrusted repositories. GitHub repos are safe, because they explicitly disallow repositories containing the exploit. Update internal git servers, and ...


OS X is based on a BSD derivative, Darwin, which does not typically use GNU libc. So my expectation is that the answer is "no". That the _gethostbyname_r function, defined by glibc, is not available on OS X reinforces this hunch. Let's see if some basic inspection of the library can help. On a CentOS host: $ strings /lib64/libc.so.6 | grep -i gnu ...


Cloudflare has stored cookies from your macbook, you may have used proxy or violated something earlier and cloudflare stored your cookies, and the cookie is same every time you visit. So everytime you visit webs behind cloudflare it says attention. Try deleting browser and system cookies and try that website again. Hope it helps, let me know the results.


on mac os X its ( just like on all *NIX's) not that easy to just "capture" the keyboard without the user being able to find that out. You would need a kernel module for that and its not that easy to trick OS X into loading it for you (apple has some nasty features for when it updates). you can just ask the system what keyboards it knows, and there are even ...

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