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mitmproxy ( is a free tool for man-in-the-middling HTTP traffic and can accomplish this in a few ways. The most straightforward and easy to demonstrate would be to use the web interface (mitmweb) which would allow you to click on individual image requests and see the image in your browser. Since you're using your host as a router, ...


Depends what you want to do really, if you want to just want to be anonymous then use Tails. If you want to hack, Tails wouldn't be a good distro. So you need to set up your proxychains to go through TOR. See here:


You need to supply the proxy switch when using curl: $ curl --proxy [PROTOCOL://]HOST[:PORT] For system wide proxy usage: System preferences -> Network -> Proxies Please be aware that using Tor as a system wide proxy will most likely identify you as a person and is not a good idea if you want to be anonymous. When for example you start your ...


It's notoriously difficult to erase data from SSD drives, as explained here: The overwriting procedure that works so well for HDDs doesn't work as well for SSDs for a couple of reasons. One is that many SSDs have extra storage space that's not accessible ...

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