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This site: Stop WIN10 from spying. Is basically covering exactly what you want to do yourself, sometimes google is a good choice my friend.


so a little information on the telemetry runner: Name: Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Version: 10.0.10576.0 File Path: C:\Windows\System32\CompatTelRunner.exe Connection Origin: local initiated Protocol: TCP Local Address: 10.RED.ACT.ED Local Port: 9950 Remote Name: settings-win.data.microsoft.com Remote Address: Remote Port: 443 ...


Here is a suggestion for your case. You need an extra laptop with both cable connection and wifi connection. You, then bridge the two connection and enable the Internet Connection sharing function from the cable to the wifi. By that way, your laptop's wifi become an access point. Next, you install Wireshark on this computer and set it to monitor the wifi ...

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