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Not to nitpick, but it sounds as though you're interested in honeypots/honeynets in general. There are several honeypot solutions available. The aforementioned are open source and easily accessible, documented and will aid you in your projects. Also, the honeynet project brought you Quebek but has several honeypots that are based off of bochs/qemu.


Yes. It's possible to fingerprint clients in this way. There are even some existing tools that implement this. However, it appears to not be very accurate. It might be able to recognize a major browser type (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari), but it's unlikely to be able to accurately identify the version number, and any fingerprints obtained in this way ...


Keep these things in mind: How does it wirelessly connect to the internet ? WEP should be fine if you are only concerned about remote hackers, but still is considered generally insecure. Think about this: If the camera's wifi security is outdated (WPA and WPA2 have been around for a long time), what else will be insecure? What kind of authentication does ...

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