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Port mirroring, while possible even on cheap switches such as the Unmanaged Plus NETGEAR ProSAFE GS105Ev2 or the even better Easy Smart TP-LINK TL-SG108E, is a gamble due to timing and loss. It is very possible to configure a scenario where a long-term-running port mirror can continue to copy frames for months at a time without losing frames. You probably ...


Microsoft has a tool, Advanced Threat Analytics, that does exactly what you're looking for.


A keylogger like Micro keylogger can easily steal your passwords. Just change your passwords and never login your private account in those public computers.


First of all, I would change my password. Secondly, if at all possible, turn on two-factor authentication of some kind, so that you will be able to reset your password if someone should get access again, and actually change your password (is this possible with Hotmail? I know GMail supports it). You definitely don't want to be locked out of your own ...


Change your passwords from a trusted machine to prevent further access. Check your local privacy laws if that amount of monitoring is even legal in your jurisdiction. File a complaint that the monitoring activity interferes with your work and that you have reason to suspect abuse. But do not accuse a specific person without any proof.


TL;DR: Change your passwords Enable two-factor authentication to prevent attackers from changing your password Warn your sysadmin You should change your passwords ASAP. From a machine that you trust. What good is it going to do that the attacker can still log in too? What if they find a way to change the password, too? Any suspicious activity should ...


It might not be an admin, networksec, or a teacher. What if someone hacked their login? It might be best to raise the issue with your school. Do they have anyone that manages the security of their systems? Perhaps ask for a meeting with them and your college principal to have the issue investigated.

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