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The Code Golf is essentially to create an unkeyed 1:1 function to transform images. As such, it's highly vulnerable to chosen-plaintext attacks: if an attacker can convince Alice or Bob to transmit a carefully-crafted image, they can build up a map of what pixels get moved to where for that image size. Further, if the images being transmitted have ...


Basically this is a transposition cipher. What you would do is looking for pattern and rearrange like with this text example: http://www.richkni.co.uk/php/crypta/trans0.php Your example with grey scale text would be easier as the picture on code golf because you could see very easy what is a correct solution.


I recommend you to keep it simple. You could simply AES the fields you need to protect. Independently of the encryption method you use you must encrypt together some fields: Name + Surname Date of birth State + Street number + Street name *... Otherwise you could try statistical analysis against the data.


I understand your issues, but one of the fundamental maxims of cryptography is that you shouldn't reinvent the wheel and create your own encryption algorithm, primarily because it will be nowhere near as secure as an established one. Is this data going to be accessible over the Internet or transmitted over unencrypted channels? If the answer to either of ...

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