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Google has the Widevine DRM mechanism (Video DRM solution). A tool that can play with the Widevine internals (libwvcdm) can be found here -- https://github.com/EiNSTeiN-/chromecast-widevine-tools There is also the Stagefright multimedia framework to supply DRM -- https://source.android.com/devices/media.html -- Josh Drake is doing a prezo on it at BlackHat ...


The commenter, paj28, is correct: don't submit these to VirusTotal. Test them against the HIPS and AV systems you are specifically targeting in a VM-guest environment. I prefer using Vagrant along with the Packer and Boxcutter tools to "mock up" things in a lab. Hyperion is great, but don't combine it with Pescrambler necessarily. You only need one cryptor, ...

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