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It is a bit of a fetish. As far as we currently know, there is no reason to believe that using the first four bytes of the HMAC output would not be equally secure. However, lack of reason to believe does not imply that nobody believes. Some people "feel" that systematic truncation may help the attacker in some completely unspecified way. With a lot of ...


If your friend is telling the truth then there are a few different ways the attackers could have gotten the code: If the phone is a GSM it's possible they could have cloned his SIM and received his text messages that way Text messages are processed by systems called SMS-Cs - servers running software that handles text messages which are located in the cell ...


If it's a four-digit password and you get three tries to enter it, then three in every 10,000 attacks will succeed by trying random passwords. That doesn't sound like very much, but if every one of the 1 billion or so people with a credit or debit card were to be attacked in this way then there would be 300,000 people all telling stories like your friend's.

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