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I believe U2F changed their specification from using raw USB communication to using USB-HID communication. I am no expert in USB communication, but I believe the Yubikey lack of backward compatibility is either : not being able to implement both USB protocols at once. a hardware limitation.


I also discourage using email in this scenario. Obviously - if you are only using it internally - the attacker could only be internal (or an external first have to become interal). The email flow internally is probably more easy to sniff than dealing with the BTS for delivering the SMS. But both ways deliver the second component (to avoid the discussion ...


By definition, 2FA is if you authenticate users based on two of the following: Something you know (like a password) Something you have (like a key) Something you are (biometrics) I see that people often argue in which category e-mail should belong. Although many argue that it belongs in the "Something you have" category, I think that it should rather ...

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