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Yes, it is generally still possible, but techniques like Certificate Pinning and others make it more and more difficult to do a Man-in-the-Middle Attack. I've also observed quite a lot of apps (on Android though) and found that especially messaging and communication apps (Facebook, Snapchat, ...) try to make sniffing network traffic as hard as possible. ...


The 2008 paper from Blake Franz of Leviathan Security -- -- identifies some of the original problem spaces with character sets. Some tools correctly identify and explain this problem, such as Burp Suite Professional -- ...


Decrease client-side attacks. For eaxmple : If the page that the XSS resides on doesn't provide a page charset header, or any browser that is set to UTF-7 encoding can be exploited with the following. for example (UTF-7 encoding): +ADw-SCRIPT+AD4-alert('XSS');+ADw-/SCRIPT+AD4- And It Is hard to Prevent XSS Attacks more info : Xss with utf-7

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