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chubby_monkey posted a good answer for updating the programs. You can also write scripts for each program, such as a curl script that checks the website and a regex parser to determine if there's an update. Then, if the download location or link is consistent enough, it can download and install the update automatically. Otherwise, it can notify you.


I believe that ultimately you need to resort to the vendor informing you as to when there are updates to be installed, which might arrive in a variety of ways. Notification of an automated update via the application itself Twitter / RSS feeds Newsletters / E-mail campaigns Now with that said, I would almost always prefer an automated approach for a ...


apt-get update apt-get upgrade If you are on Windows or OSX just enable "check for updates" in any important programs. All the ones I use have that option. Also, you don't need to update those "200" programs. I would say update any text editors, PDF viewers, antivirus etc. Some antivirus clients can alert you to updates to some programs as well. Check ...

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