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Just take a look at OpenVZ kernel changelogs -- there are regular (up to a few times per month) kernel releases, often with CVE fixes. Also, it's not 2.6.32 -- it's RHEL6 (which was based on 2.6.32 but moved forward a lot).


You will not find this elaborate data no matter where you search simply because there are a lot of unreported attacks against many operating systems. When dealing with XP, you are likely also dealing with the security issues with newer operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8) not to mention software such as Adobe, Firefox, etc., that are no longer supporting ...


I found some related news that hopefully confirms that openvz does in fact apply patches to their kernel as they come out: The OpenVZ kernel is based on the Linux kernel. The OpenVZ team tracks and analyzes all the security updates to the Linux kernel and applies them accordingly. To achieve the maximum possible security and stability, stable OpenVZ ...


What are the strengths of each team member that I will work with regularly? (i.e. programming, linux, networking, regulations, etc.) Where is our documentation? You hopefully have a wiki, a knowledge base, or set of documents somewhere that explain your processes and policies. If you don't, be a hero and get started on one. What are the current projects the ...

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