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When doing patch enumeration, Nessus looks at the installed patch list and only understands patches that are in its database. If the rollup patches which supersede the original patches are relatively new, then Nessus may see that the old ones are not applied without knowing that there's a rollup in place, and may falsely report that the original patches are ...


I'll be using modern Intel CPUs as an example of hardware. For most other hardware, you can identify bugs, but often you cannot patch it, but only work around it by trying to avoid the buggy behavior. Hardware bugs are identified similarly to the ways bugs are identified in closed source software. Internal audits and reports in the wild are mostly ...


No, these headers don't say anything about the server itself, only that it's running Windows (Because of the IIS). The other two headers are the .Net and MVC framework version, which both are respective to the application running in the IIS. You can find more information about those headers and how to remove them here.

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