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Hacking is a serious crime, and gets you in even a more of a problem. It seems you have some details, try to gather logs, screenshots etc. and get to the nearest police station and report the crime. Commiting a crime in awnser to a crime is NOT a solution.


The syntax for host is: host -t axfr domain.name dns-server For dig: dig axfr @dns-server domain.name Replace dns-server with the authoritative DNS server and domain.name with your target domain name. Keep in mind that this has very little to do with web applications, the above has to do with DNS. If we're talking about penetration testing, DNS zone ...


TL;DR I expect it to be a non-issue provided both the disk and the BIOS manufacturers know their stuff. Otherwise there's a very slight possibility of it being an issue after all. The disk encryption password scenario depends on the BIOS. If the BIOS supports the caching feature, then it can cache the password between warm boots, and re-supply it to the ...

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