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There's actually a mathematical paper on the subject available to read at jstor.org and the answer isn't quite as simple as {the number of cuts}^{possible cut depths} because there are cases where on cut will remove the possibility of an adjacent depth and so forth. The paper is ingeniously named "How Many Different Keys?" and is by a bloke called something ...


Are you sure physical access to the camera is your biggest concern here? I mean, if a thief breaks into your car, are you more worried he will see the security camera (and breaks it) or that your complete car will be gone? Besides using RF technologies (cellular networks being the most easy, common, and cheap) there is no way of securing the camera footage ...


You could have a secondary hidden raspberry pi connected to a drive in the car. Then send the data through a wireless connection from one raspberry pi to the other. However, once they have physical access, its game over as they can do anything to the car and the items inside.


I think that your best option here is to have the entire setup hidden, the camera, the Pi and any other devices you add on. Hiding it will help keep it from being tampered with and the storage intact without trying to worry about a data signal wherever you park.


Since you're running Ubuntu 14.04 try using ufw to setup a firewall on your machine. ufw is designed to be a simpler interface than native iptables. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW


Your MAC and IP address don't help an attacker at all unless they're combined with open ports on your router, and vulnerable listening services on your machine. It's much more likely that it's a password re-use issue or similar. Did you change your machine password and Wi-Fi password? If he knows where you live and knows your WiFi password he can just sit ...

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