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Yes, Nmap can take a file in the services file format with the --servicedb option. This also implies the -F option, meaning that only the services listed in that file will be scanned.* So just supply the services you want to scan in this format and you can accomplish this goal. * The exception to this is if the file includes port frequency data like the ...


Yes, it can, by using the targets-xml Nmap NSE script Update: Actually, the functionality isn't yet in there, but it looks as if it is planned.


Not by itself, no. But with some quick scripting you can. For example: nmap -p `cat ports.list` ... This would allow you to maintain a list of ports in a file.


Ports are like holes in a wall, they exist but if no one is paying attention to them its no use to throw things at them. A program uses ports (or sockets) to connect with other devices in the same network (and through routing techniques the program may reach other networks). The way this works is that the program opens a connection to the outside and ...

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