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TCP FIN exploit a subtle loophole in the TCP RFC to differentiate between open and closed ports. Page 65 of RFC 793 says that "if the [destination] port state is CLOSED .... an incoming segment not containing a RST causes a RST to be sent in response." Then the next page discusses packets sent to open ports without the SYN, RST, or ACK bits set, stating ...


If the WiFi network is configured securely (which is a topic for another question), none of that information should be required to keep secret. The MAC address of a WiFi access point is no secret: It is constantly broadcasting it anyway. With "IP and port" you surely mean the IP and port of the web interface. When that interface has a password which is ...


open ports are vulnerable if and only if the process associated with has some kind of vulnerability..suppose a application running on a computer listens to port 3333 which do nothing but prints the data it receives then keeping the port open do no harm


If you expose this service to the internet, everybody can query this information without having to authenticate. It can be useful to attackers to know what you have running. Also, the RPC service has a history of security vulnerabilities. So don't expose it to the world unless you have to.

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