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As everybody else is saying, yes, it would. In theory, malware in an unprivileged account can do tons of damage. See this XKCD, which is as relevant to malware as it is to logging out. However, in practice, a lot of Windows malware is written with the assumption that the user is Administrator (either because the user foolishly runs as Admin all the time, or ...


Note that on an unprivileged account, a malware will still be able to read, modify (encrypt), delete, and leak your personal files. You still need backups, antivirus and firewall software. But it will be hard for it to alter anything outside of your standard user account, and removing it should be as simple as creating a new user account.


Yes Using a low-privilege account will help a lot in the case a malware strikes you, as the malware evil actions will be limited, too. It won't be able to compromise other user accounts, install system drives, delete shadow copies before ciphering your files or many other hard-to-clean things. This also means that if the worse happens, you are better ...

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