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Use a cryptographically secure pseudo random number generator (CSPRNG). Do not use classes such as math.random or similar, as they are usually seeded with the number of seconds since midnight and are often not considered to be unpredictable enough if seeded with something else. Examples in different languages are: C# - RNGCryptoServiceProvider ...


All you'll need in this case is GUID's for the key. Most implementations are random, and they're always going to be unique. Of course you could AES encrypt it, but that doesn't really add any additional security over and above using standard GUID's.


ok you just need to hash user specific data (but nothing critical) and combine the user data with unique hard to guess numbers such as a couple of random ints and the date of creation (down to the second if you can) ... hash this altogether and you have a very hard to guess string. the date wont be the same unless everyone creates it within the same ...

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