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It is a preprocessor to Snort and can't be used in anything but Snort unless you, essentially rewrite Snort's decoder and preprocessor structure. But why would you do that when you can just use Snort?


LSARPC is really a set of calls, transmitted with RPC, to a system called the "Local Security Authority". This used in the Microsoft/Windows world to perform management tasks on domain security policies from a remote machine. The protocol is described in MS-LSAD. The transport medium is RPC, a part of the "Server Message Block" protocol (MS-SMB, MS-SMB2). ...


I'm going to assume you mean WPA2-Personal AES in particular in this answer. If you mean WPA2-Enterprise, it's a whole different kettle of fish, and if you mean anything less, the access point owner (and perhaps users) should upgrade. Essentially, the answer is no, a MITM "Evil Access Point" never gets the actual passphrase. They pass a nonce (salt) back ...


What you want is a variant of a coin-flipping scheme. The standard way to do this is, as you've identified, to have both people come up with a value and then combine those values such that neither side has any control over the outcome by themselves. You've decided to use modular addition; this is indeed a standard way. You've also identified the issue with ...

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