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It would be easy to sniff data using tools like WireShark from someone who can access the data path between your client and the server. This isn't something anyone on the Internet could do per se but if your device uses wireless and there are people nearby they could grab this data if they wanted it. As for finding your UDP service on-line that is easy to ...


This is vulnerable to a MITM. All Eve has to do is sit in the middle and forward traffic from C1 to S1, and from S1 to C1. This entire handshake could occur, and Eve could still be communicating with S1.


Edit: Clarified based on use case First off, no system is perfect. Engineering is the art of making the best tradeoffs. For backend-to-backend APIs (e.g. your server app and 3rd party API service) - API keys are really good. Most issues with API keys comes from developers neglecting how they store them (in code => commit to github public repos etc). API ...


The list of open TLS 1.3 issues may give you some ideas. For example: Should SNI be encrypted to hide the server name to passive attackers? The issue states that this will complicate the handshake. Why is this the case? Maybe you can research the best way to implement this. Can the server request a proof of work from the client to prevent DoS attacks? ...

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