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There have been some discussions about mitigating issues with some record splitting. Namely, what makes Poodle efficient is that padding may use up to a full block (8 bytes with 3DES or RC2, 16 bytes with AES). When this happens, only the last byte of the block is checked by the recipient, which is why the alteration from the attacker gets through with ...


SSLv3 protocol is flawed. This cannot be fixed. Generally, an attacker would exploit this by forcing the victim to connect to a server using SSLv3 by forcing connections using higher protocols to fail. TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV attempts to stop the browser/server from falling all the way back to SSLv3 if a higher protocol has already been tried. As you can ...


If a port on the target machine is closed, it will either respond that the connection was refused or it will drop the packet silently. Ports being closed or "stealth" will not stop a DoS as the target will receive the packets whether it responds or not. In some cases ports are entirely irrelevant (see ping flood, smurf attack).


DoS attacks don't require any open ports on your side. They can just use all your bandwidth even if the ports are closed. How? The IP packet are sent from the attacker, and routed through several routers until it reaches your system. If the port is open, the connection succeeds. If not, your system can send back a "Port closed" message or simply drop the ...

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