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A MAC address is unsuitable for this for several reasons: The MAC address can be changed freely by the user in software, and will change if the network hardware is replaced. A wireless device broadcasts its address to everyone around, so it's hardly a secret. MAC addresses are supposed to be unique, but in practice, they aren't. A device with multiple ...


Though a weak RNG is a problem for ECDSA, this can be fixed in two ways: By using a non-weak RNG (that's not that hard, on modern computers; it is cheap embedded systems who may have trouble obtaining a decent source of randomness). By using derandomization, as described in RFC 6979. This is compatible with ECDSA (uses the same public and private key ...


In answer to question 2, you could use RSA instead for the signature algorithm. While people are moving to ECDSA due to it being faster, there's nothing inherently wrong with RSA still.

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