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Disclaimer: I work for an SMS provider. The default SMS protocol (SMPP) is inherently insecure (by design), so several layers of security must be put in place on top of the protocol itself, one way of achieving that is by VPN for instance – this would be on the connectivity (or network) layer. With other technologies like email as you stated, a domain ...


When using IP Telephony you will have excessive use of UDP ports as this carries the voice packets. On Telephony systems you would typically define a range of UDP ports to be used. This range will also have QoS (Quality of Service) applied to them that will prioritize the UDP packets to have the least latency across a data network


DHE key exchange is very slow compared to ECDHE, so you should prefer the ECDHE ciphers. ECDSA is faster than RSA for the same level of security, but of course you need a ECDSA certificate and not a RSA certificate in this case. AES-GCM is faster than ChaCha20-Poly1305 on systems with hardware support for AES but slower on systems without hardware support. ...


The problem IDSes face today is encryption. Once you receive a stream of encrypted information, you can only try to make sense of its behaviour. They rely on defaults (a default port or protocol for a service), on well-known endpoints and on some pre-encryption activities (handshakes for instance). So I would say that it is more one of the few ...

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