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The solution is to unckeck Intercept responses.


If the attacker is behind a NAT of some sort, then no it will not be possible to redirect the victim to a service hosted on the attacker host or establish a TCP connection from the victim directly to the attacker host. Indeed, by default, NAT router only allow outgoing traffic and will block any incoming traffic. The external victim will not be able to ...


For standard HTTP proxies it is enough to look at the first bytes of each TCP connection, which means it can already be detected without doing too deep inspection. A HTTP proxy requests looks different from a normal HTTP request, i.e. non-proxy: GET / HTTP/1.1 proxy: GET http://example.com/ HTTP/1.1 You have similar differences for HTTPS, where a ...


A proxy will by default tell the destination the IP address of the original requester by adding a X-Forwarded-For HTTP header to the original HTTP request. This make it obviously easy for the server, not only to know that you are using a proxy, but also to know your actual IP address, effectively dropping your anonymity. Then you have what is called an ...


I would look at Akamai which also has a CDN based DDoS prevention system. However they also have a web application firewall (WAF) which can do some pretty sophisticated filtering based on request headers or any other data in the HTTP/HTTPS sessions. Even if you don't use Akamai per se, I think a WAF should be considered.


My suggestion would be to use reqadd and a secret header name and value. You can put any header you want in there with any value and check for it's match in on the API sever side. If that header is missing then the request won't be from HAProxy.


So if I understand correctly you can work from home, and that IP address is OK. You need to setup a VPN or SSH tunnel at home, through which you can connect to your work network. You probably need to buy a router or cheap server (older laptop) that can do this. Can you set VPN on your work laptop? If so, you can connect to your home VPN and work from ...

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