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How about leaving the keys on a dedicated system and provide cryptography services via the network. They key to access such cryptography services could be shared with developers as it could be used only from specific IPs. An Internet provider did that for SSL certificates, I forgot its name.


Depending on where you're at, I'd say this is a great high school project. The ipsec + dnssec + pki + tls/ssl route is very much a protocol based facet of this exercise. Maybe you'd like to bring up the physical security aspect of things as well. For example you bring up the location of the endpoints as a mitigating factor. After all, fips level skiffs for ...


The answer (at least for my work) is IPsec host to site or host to host with PKI authentication and protection of the private keys in hardware.


I understand it is a bit late for your assignment ;) but for other students who may be groping in the dark with similar problem, here goes... Python is written in C, and the C executable is throwing the segmentation fault error. To understand segmentation fault you need to run Python itself in gdb (GNU Debugger assuming you are on Linux/Unix) and then pass ...

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