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It turns out my previous assumption was correct. These DDoS "attacks" are actually a side-effect of a Makost[dot]net-style botnet and is NOT the intention of the attacker (in fact, they seem specifically designed NOT to cause a disruption of service which would make us aware of their activity). The attacks are in fact trying to gain access to my servers in ...


To answer your question: I believe that the safest way would be to use psexec to get a remote cmd shell. This method should not result in a plaintext password stored. Or do you mean interactive, AND with a GUI? Unfortunately your best solution really is to avoid interactive login whenever possible. Luckily there are some safe ways to remotely manage ...


There are a few ways to protect RDP. Don't use public port #3389. Allow only certain IPs(or range of IPs) address to public IP. Configure firewall to block any attempts to contact the server. Use third party tools to block the traffic. A free tools is There are several more but I like this one.

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