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This is a bit old (2006), but may be helpful towards your goal. http://usabilitynews.org/password-security-what-users-know-and-what-they-actually-do/ It is based on a study of 328 undergraduate and graduate level college students from Wichita State University volunteered to participate in the survey, and these students were also regular users of the ...


These are the valid range for standard encoding of track 2, which is the ABA standard: 0x30 to 0x3f in the ASCII character set 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ? Sources: http://blog.tehinterweb.com/?p=60 With enough control over the reader/writer, you can encode bits in anyway you choose though, could make up any system you like.


I happen to collect these type of statistics when I find them mentioned in a study or paper. Here are some recent figures: - 54% 1 to 5 - 28% 6 to 10 - 7% 11 to 15 - 5% 16 to 20 - 6% 20+ Source: CSID Consumer Survey: Password Habits, Sept 2012 Total average minimum number of private passwords = 17 Total average minimum number of work ...


It all depends on the type of content your are posting. In most cases you will need more than one #Tag for your tweet to make the right sense and ranking. #InfoSec (preferred abbreviation) #InformationSecurity (if you have some characters left in your tweet) #Risk (Topics also relating to risk management) #Privacy #Malware #Virus #Spam #BYOD #DataTheft / ...


Any bug tracking software is the standard for this tool. Vulnerabilities you find are simply 'bugs'. Assign severity, track the vendor's response and follow-up, and detail the issues all within the tool. Github, bugzilla, Jira, etc. Choose the tool that matches your needs and workflow.


I find that the social groups are the best bet for breaking sec news - such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. Check out the 2600 group on facebook, /r/netsec on reddit and start poking around the security news sources on twitter. Honestly there are a ton of different outlets for infosec available these days. For the more 'established' news sources I use ...


Sorry to post a page of links, but you will find a ton of research at this link: http://www.cyberwarzone.com/understanding-and-mitigating-ddos-attacks-tools


A magstripe holds bits. Tracks one and three are typically recorded at 210 bits per inch (8.27 bits per mm), while track two typically has a recording density of 75 bits per inch (2.95 bits per mm). Just like a USB stick or any other storage device, you can do whatever you wish with these bits, and use any encoding you desire. You can use full Unicode ...

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