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Josten i looked for the malware and found it here is the link but you have to go on the forum and download it http://malwaretips.com/threads/2014-12-11-destover-malware-7-samples.38799/ Go to the Link to malicious sample/URL and you will see the zip file and the password for it.


Information Security fits well in many areas of scientific research. It can touch areas such as computer architecture design, sociology, psychology, user interface design, mathematics, and other areas. "Cyber Security" is a broad topic that covers so many areas that can be valid points of research. If effects can be observed, repeated, and theorized, then ...


What you are referring to what I call a heuristic investigation where the investigator tracks a particular behaviour and tries to tie that to an individual. This technique is used in many fields not just cyber-forensics. The method your article most likely proposed was somehow obtaining a list of the keyword th3j35t3r correlated with IP addresses that ...


In addition to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools can also provide you with information about words people are searching for to discover your website. Additionally, certain SEO toolsets such as Raven Tools can provide details about what keywords are driving traffic to a website.

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