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The .pdb contains information for the compiler. It contains debugging symbols. It also contains names of library's that are used in the application and also names of forms and resources. The reason why you are seeing .pdb path in the exe file is because it was released with debugging turned on. If you got hold of .pdb file it could help you reverse engineer ...


Based on a google search of your hash it's a Dahua hash.Luckily for you it looks like it has some vulnerabilities www.exploit-db.com/download/29673/ I don't know if they fixed vulnerability and I don't really know much about CCTV systems.If that fails you could try bruteforcing the hash.


If you are good enough you don't really need a degree to work as a malware analyst. But chance is that in certain position for example, Data Scientist which relates to malware domain, you may need a research degree (for e.g: PhD in Computer Science) to secure that position. Unless you want to stick in the analyst position forever...

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