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JAD has been unmaintained for a while now. For decompiling a jar, I typically use JD-GUI, just as your linked question proposes.


There are multiple reasons for this (sending data all over the place). If you are phishing with the intent of exploiting something, you may have something like mod_redirect running in the background to target specifics. E.g.: if UserAgent = IE && Windows 7 then send them to this particular page with Win7 IE specific exploits or if UserAgent = ...


It certainly does. gdb will not isolate the process at all and will merely give you some control over it to understand what it does. To do that kind of analysis, you should resort to a fully isolated system such as a VM with no network access. Break points will be respected, but you should always account for human errors which can have drastic ...


Your update helps, but the pieces still don't quite fit. You know that the key the software gave you to keep safe is an RSA public/private pair, and you know a session key is involved. The usual practice is to choose a fast symmetric algorithm to do the actual encryption of the data, randomly generate a key suitable for that algorithm called the session key, ...

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